M Gibson writes:
“As a coincidence, I know the person who is disability liaison officer with my local County Council. I have put your company name to her telling her that should anyone enquire wanting a competitive price and excellent service, look no further. Well done to all involved”.

Alan Hammond writes:
“On behalf of my father (the proud user) and all the family please accept our thanks and appreciation. An organisation that carries out all its promises deserves recognition and we are already recommending you to others”.

Ian Makinson, coach and secretary for Wigan and District Rugby Football League writes:
“The RDK basketball chair is very strong, sturdy and comfortable. It is very manoeuvrable, and easily transported.
The chair was purchased in late June 2006.
The chair has been trialled by Wigan and District Wheelchair Rugby League Club and has been used for three sessions a week; these sessions are 1hr, 2hrs and 3hrs in length. A total of 6 hours per week, for four months.
The most common breakages with basketball chairs is punctured inner tubes and broken spokes, these are multiplied when playing rugby league as a contact sport unlike basketball which is non-contact. While we have had numerous punctures, and have had to have four RGK wheelchairs respoked, my RDK chair has not punctured and has not had a spoke brake.
My thoughts on the chair is that it is an excellently manufactured and is very good value for money compared to its competitors chair.
I paid the full asking price and have received no favours, and this is an honest and true report”.

Mr Lamb writes:
“I will be keeping your website on my favourites list so that I can order anything else she might need. If I know of anyone else needing anything I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your firm. If you have a catalogue could you please send me one. Thank you”.

Mrs L Perrett writes:
“Just to say thanks. I rang last week to place an order for my father who lives in another part of the UK. He has received the order today and everyone is pleased with the order. Thank you for a brilliant service”.

Mrs Carol Thorneycroft writes:
“I had reason to ring you with queries a couple of times and was dealt with in an extremely pleasant and courteous manner.
Many thanks. Keep up the good work at RDK Mobility as you are one of a dying breed”.




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